10 Insider tips to get hired at Commonwealth Bank

Elyssa Berney, manager of CommBank’s graduate programs team, has been involved in graduate recruiting for more than 10 years. Here are some of her suggestions for landing a graduate job in the industry.
Lynn Elsey
Lynn Elsey
Team GradAustralia


1. Do your research
Make sure you understand the industry and area where you are applying. The most common question I get asked on campus is “How do I make my application stand out?” Use your research to show how you align to the organisation.

2. Be yourself
The interview is a long time to be someone you aren’t. Don’t get hung up on trying to say what you think an interviewer wants to hear – just be yourself.

3. Keep track of time
Allow plenty of time to complete applications; keep an eye on the deadlines. Late applications are not accepted.

4. Only apply for jobs you really want
Target your resources to maximise your efforts. A good application takes a couple of hours to write so spend your time wisely – only apply for the organisations you really identify with.

5. Let your personality and enthusiasm show
Let us know who you are.
Tell us about your passions, which don’t need to be directly related to the position you are applying for. The key is to let people know what you care about, whether it is sports, charity work or painting.

6. Engage in self reflection
Work out what you have achieved and the skills you have gained. How could they be transferred to another situation? Be able to articulate this clearly and succinctly.

7. Practice, practice, practice
When it comes to the online assessment process, do as many practice tests as possible before undertaking the real one. This will help you feel more relaxed and allow you to do your best.

8. Keep it honest
Resist the urge to exaggerate your experience or skills on your resume; the truth will become obvious rather quickly during an interview.

9. Check and double check
Always get someone else to proofread your resume and application before submitting them and ensure your application is addressed to the correct company.

10. We aren’t expecting grads to have experience specifically related to the role
We hire for potential.