5 essential tips to get a graduate job at KPMG

Lynn Elsey
Lynn Elsey
Team GradAustralia

Kristina Kipper, the graduate recruitment partner for KPMG’s Sydney tax practice, suggests the following tips for increasing your chances of landing a job at the firm.

1. ‘Out-of-the-box’ experience

We like to see candidates who have done something different. So whether it is taking a gap year or helping out with a charity, show us that you are open to new life experiences. 

2. Do your homework

Know why you want to work at KPMG. It is quite evident during an interview if a candidate has taken the time to get to know what we do. So when you are asked, “Why do you want to work here?”, be ready with specific examples that demonstrate you really do understand the firm, its aims and functions.

3. Be able to demonstrate you are a team player and people person

Interacting with clients and peers and working across teams are critical parts of working at KPMG – we need to know that you will fit in here. We also are looking for leaders; we want to see evidence that you will be able to develop people. 

4. Have genuine enthusiasm

You can’t fake it.

5. Show that you have agility and an innovative mind

The world is rapidly changing. What you are doing today may be entirely different tomorrow. Graduates must have the ability and capacity to adapt and learn new things. And don’t forget to let us see how you are innovative in your approach to problem solving.