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What to expect as a graduate in Perth

Applying for accounting positions as a recent graduate in Western Australia can often be a daunting and frustrating experience. Often times job advertisers will require previous experience in managing accounts from all applicants (which might be a little difficult when one is applying for a first-time accounting position), or they might stipulate that the position is temporary, with the opportunity to become a full-time team member.

In either case, it can certainly be difficult to find a full-time position as an accounting graduate in Western Australia. Difficult, but not impossible.

Finding a graduate job in Perth

With WA being a state economy still very much powered by mining and other resource-based industries, most graduate jobs in accounting will be likewise found in the engineering and construction sectors. Jobs may range from more of a support role as an assistant accountant to being entrusted with additional responsibilities as a payroll officer or accounts payable manager with each position offering its own competitive salary.

For those who might want to get their foot in the door while still studying, the Public Sector internship programme offered by the Government of Western Australia would be a good way of going about it. This programme provides students with useful, on-the-job knowledge through the completion of a project within various public sector organisations. These may take the form of the Department of State Development, the Public Transit Authority, Department of Housing etc., so there's quite a bit of variety on offer. Keep an eye on the registration, though, as people generally apply for it a year in advance.

Right now, internet job boards are the best way to get your name out there for any accounting positions in Western Australia. Places like and LinkedIn are all great for both building a personal portfolio as well as maintaining contacts throughout the industry. If you prefer a more in-person approach, career fairs are a great way for graduates to meet industry members; a free yet very popular event that happens in Perth each year is The Big Meet, which attracts employers from all across Australia.

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