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Aerospace Engineering Graduate Jobs overview

Aerospace Engineering graduate positions in Australia are plentiful, and the entire field is listed as in demand by the Australian government. There are not enough people in the field to satisfy skill shortages, so finding a graduate job in this field may be easier than most.  The largest companies in this sector are Airbus Australia, Boeing Australia, and BAE Systems Australia.

Average graduate salaries

The average salary for an aerospace engineer is around AU$ 69,555 annually, with graduate positions trending towards starting salaries of AU$53,000 for graduates. Salaries for graduates who are willing to work in remote locations may be higher, and competition for remote positions is usually not as fierce as for positions situated in large cities. In many very remote positions, housing may be provided by the employer.

The Australian Defense Forces

The Australian defense forces – Army, Navy, and Air Force - always have high demand for aerospace engineers in a number of different specializations. Due to the nature of the work, job security is usually excellent and the pay is higher than the average – up to AU$ 78,100 per annum. The defense forces are also an excellent employer while you study further, as they have a variety of study programs and options available. To apply to join the defense forces, it is best to check your eligibility and start the application process as early as possible. You can find more information here ( ). 

Finding and applying for aerospace engineering graduate jobs

Joining Engineers Australia is a good start on finding a position as a graduate aerospace engineer. Graduates have also had good results using professional networking sites such as LinkedIn to find work in this field, while keeping an eye on the large employers’ social media may also prove useful. Make sure you register at GradAustralia ( to receive updates and job alerts for Aerospace Engineering graduate opportunities.

Advice for Aerospace Engineering Graduate Jobs

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Bethany Lee studied Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Bachelor of Marine Geology at The University of South Wales in 2014 and is a structural and mechanical engineer at Northrop Grumman.



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Marian studied Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace) at The University of Sydney, 2017