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Agriculture Graduate Jobs overview

Agriculture is a prominent, important and respected contributor to the Australian economy. Farmers produce over 10% of the country's gross domestic product every year, $30 billion in exports and over 90% of Australia's domestic food supply.

About the Agriculture industry and jobs

Agriculture industries in Australia create and maintain almost 2 million jobs, not only involving direct farming but also transport, packaging, processing and retail.

Agriculture graduate jobs may include:

  • Production: this can involve working on farms or agriculture businesses, working as consultants or commodity market experts.
  • Research and development: Agricultural graduates can boost a farm's productivity through analysis in production, pest management and farm economics.
  • Environmentalists: Agriculture graduates can manage pests, weeds, soil quality, water and vegetation.
  • Public sector: Agricultural experts are also employed in the public sector in forming farming, trade and industry policy, biosecurity, and giving commercial advice.

Outlook for Agriculture graduates

The Agricultural industry and a strong Australian sector is important, with food production and security to be a major future challenge across the country and globe. The industry must adjust to climate change, globalisation and maintaining rural areas, requiring strong and knowledgeable agriculture professions across the entire spectrum of the industry.

Australia requires at least 2000 Agriculture graduates each year in a constantly growing and innovating industry, and demand for graduates is high. The private sector is actively seeking new graduates for positions, while many Australian governments and agencies offer agriculture graduate programs, involving the accumulating of experience through work placements and gaining a solid foundation for careers in public service.

Salary opportunities for Agriculture graduates

The Agricultural industry in Australia and the range of roles is vast, but even entry level livestock farm workers can expect salaries up to $45,000 per year and crop farmers can earn up to $68,000. With a university qualification, entry level salaries are often much higher. 

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