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How to land a graduate role with MM Electrical Merchandising

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Ask anyone who has ever applied for a graduate program and they will all tell you one thing: it can be confusing.

Different companies look for different degrees, experience and qualities from their applicants and they all have a different recruitment process. This article will help answer some of those burning questions you may have about the process and let you know what to expect when applying for a grad role with MM Electrical Merchandising (MMEM). 

1. We search for the best

As Australia’s leading electrical wholesaler, MMEM is known for having the highest calibre of employees. Because we want the best, we follow a selective recruitment strategy and our recruitment process does take time. Don’t be surprised if it takes 1-2 months between submitting your application and actually securing a grad position. 

Regarding the recruitment process itself, you will be pleased to know that MMEM doesn’t make candidates visit assessment centres or participate in group interviews. 

Instead, a standard recruitment process might look something like this:

  1. Online Application 
  2. Phone Screen
  3. Psychometric Testing 
  4. HR Interview 
  5. Further Psychometric Testing 
  6. Management Interview 
  7. Formal Offer

To streamline the process, please ensure you have all relevant contact details up to date and that your most recent resume is readily available. 

Also, don’t be worried about missing out on the chance to submit your application with MMEM – the MMEM graduate program is one of the few grad programs open year-round! 

2. Do your research! It will make you stand out.

Unlike other organisations which offer graduate programs, MMEM understands that their brand and offering may not be widely recognised. Conducting some research on the company, prior to screenings and interviews, shows us that you prioritise this application and makes you stand out. In addition, being aware of the position description reassures us that you have a good understanding of what you’re signing up for. 

3. But what do I wear? 

It’s a simple question, but a frequent one, as many graduates are often unsure about what to wear to an interview. Whilst MMEM is not your cookie-cutter corporate organisation, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress up to show that you’re taking your application seriously. Whether it’s online or in-person, wearing corporate attire to interviews will always reflect well, no matter what the position. 

4. Don’t get ‘psyched’ out.

Psychometric testing is a specific part of the recruitment process that graduates should pay close attention to. Psychometric testing can help recruiters better understand personality traits, work preferences and problem-solving skills, and is widely becoming standard practise across the recruitment industry. 

But don’t worry if you’ve not been exposed to psychometric testing before. Do some research to familiarise yourself with the different types of psychometric testing that can be used, and feel free to complete some practice tests online beforehand to give yourself the best chance on the day.

5. Eagerness and enthusiasm.    

MMEM values initiative and enthusiasm, especially in the future leaders they are searching for the graduate program. Communicating with your recruiter is a good way of showing your commitment to the application. 

A quick email thanking a recruiter after an interview, and reiterating your interest in the role, is one thing that always reflects well. Or, if you’ve been interviewed but haven’t had an update on the status of your application (after approximately a week), politely touching base via a phone call or email shows your continued interest. 

Do be aware and respectful of recruiters’ time though, as they are often dealing with a large volume of applications. Communication and follow up is good, but being too pushy in your contact can be perceived negatively.  

You should now be ready to get started on your MMEM graduate program application. Keep in mind that while it may take a while if you do your research, prepare for psychometric testing and show your commitment, the recruitment process will be something you can master. 

To learn more about MMEM and our graduate program, visit our GradAustralia page.