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Here's an easy guide to writing a winning CV and cover letter for a graduate accounting program, complete with a cover letter template!

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You made it! Now it's time to show them what you're made of – read these tips so you can breeze through your accounting assessment centre and group interview.

Engineering interview questions

So, we asked our graduates what the most commonly asked personal and behavioural interview questions were that they faced… and here’s wha

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What does it take to get a graduate job at one of the most coveted consulting firms in Australia?

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We asked our graduates for their insider tips on how to land a graduate job at accounting and business advisory firm, Pitcher Partners.

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Our successful graduates give their top four tips on how to land a graduate role at William Buck, Chartered Accountants and advisors.

Tech interview questions

We asked our IT graduates what questions they were asked during their interviews.

Here’s what they came back with.

Government interview questions

We asked our graduates to give us the lowdown on the real interview questions they were asked during graduate recruitment.

Breakthrough the Interview guide

Welcome to the rest of your life, dearest graduates.