The Graduate Program

The Arup Graduate Development Program (GDP) provides a structured 2-year period of professional development for graduates joining the company, in combination with on-the-job learning. The program assists graduate employees with the transition from student to professional, and to instil a habit of maintaining continuing professional development (CPD).

Over the course of the Arup Graduate Development Program, graduates have the opportunity to complete a variety of customised training modules. Graduates spend time in these workshops with their graduate peers and with other Arup colleagues from different disciplines.

The Arup GDP is broken down into the following areas:

  • Effectiveness Skills
  • Project learning
  • Technical skills
  • On-the-job learning
  • Community Outreach
  • Mentoring & Networking

At Arup we place high value on building and maintaining relationships with colleagues from across the Arup world. To start this journey, each year we hold a networking event for all graduates from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore; at this event you will meet with, work with, and socialise with fellow graduates from a wide range of backgrounds different to your own. You'll also meet with and learn from the senior leadership team, many of whom were graduates at Arup themselves. Plus it's a really fun event!

Not only Engineers

Engineers are a core part of Arup's success. Equally important is the diverse range of non-engineering skills that enhance our business portfolio in consulting services.

At Arup you'll find a community of talented people, who know their best work is always ahead of them. Our independent mindedness began with our founder, the engineer and philosopher Ove Arup. Today our independence is expressed in our willingness to move beyond the tried and tested. It's how we shape a better world.

As a permanent employee and member of Arup, you'll receive all the benefits of working for an independent firm. We share our profits with our staff and the community, not external shareholders – this is your firm. You will have a huge number of opportunities to get involved in our community engagement activities, pro-bono projects, and any social events you're interested in. What will your Arup journey look like?