The program offers a 'try before you buy' experience of Army training and lifestyle, without any obligation to serve beyond the program period.

In 12 memorable months you'll experience life and work in the Army, while enjoying:

  • a good salary plus generous superannuation
  • highly varied work experience
  • free medical and dental
  • world-class training and skills for life
  • subsidised accommodation
  • a supportive team environment
  • free access to sports and fitness facilities
  • friendships that last a lifetime

At the end of the program you can choose to continue your career in the Army, or use the skills and experience you've acquired to secure an alternative career path

Your Gap Year role

As an Air Defence Operator, you'll provide vital intelligence to support Army operations in the battlefield. You'll be part of the Royal Australian Artillery, responsible for detecting, identifying, acquiring and destroying adversary aircraft using some of the world's most technologically advanced equipment and systems.

You'll work with a close-knit team, often working outdoors while operating high-tech weaponry and delivering a variety of ammunition types including high air and ground burst explosives, illumination, smoke, precisions and other smart munitions.

Through world-class training, you will learn how to operate some of the world's most technologically-advanced early warning radars and ground based air defence weapons systems. Better still, you'll develop important skills such as teamwork, discipline, and mental and physical resilience that will benefit you for life.

You'll be supported by professional and enthusiastic Army personnel who will provide the guidance necessary to achieve your goals. Better still, you'll be working for a dynamic organisation that offers a great lifestyle plus opportunities and experiences you simply won't find anywhere else.

Ready for an exciting and adventurous gap year? Then apply now.


  • Fully-paid training
  • Starting salary from $49,171 p.a equiv. plus superannuation, and from $65,659 p.a equiv. plus superannuation, following successful completion of training. Check individual job details online for more information regarding salary.
  • Numerous other benefits such as free medical and dental care, and access to sports and leisure facilities


Military training for Air Defence Operator is held at Wagga Wagga, NSW, followed by employment training at Puckapunyal, VIC.

Upon successful completion of training, you will be posted to 16th Air Land Regiment, Woodside, SA

Entry Requirements

  • Aged between 18 and 24 as of 31 May 2020
  • Australian citizen at time of enlistment
  • Completion of Year 12 plus Year 10 passes in English and Maths

Medical and fitness guidelines also apply.