The Navy Gap Year program provides young Australians an opportunity to broaden their life experience with only a one year commitment. The program offers a 'try before you buy' experience of Navy training and lifestyle, without any obligation to serve beyond the program period.

In 12 memorable months you'll experience life and work in the Navy, while enjoying

  • a good salary plus generous superannuation
  • highly varied work experience
  • free medical and dental
  • world-class trade training
  • subsidised accommodation
  • a supportive team environment
  • free access to sports and fitness facilities on base
  • friendships that last a lifetime

At the end of the program you can choose to continue your career in the Navy, or use the skills and experiences you've acquired to secure an alternative career path.

Your Gap Year role

As a Navy Gap Year Maritime Aviation Warfare Officer, you will be immersed in Navy's aviation environment, experiencing everything from helicopters, through to navigation and weapon systems. Aircraft such as the MRH-90 and MH-60R Seahawk are critical to Navy operations, delivering supplies, personnel, resources, and defensive capability. They're flown by Navy Pilots, and complemented in the cockpit by Maritime Aviation Warfare Officers who oversee their navigation and weapon systems. These teams are supported by talented technicians and engineers who fulfil varied and rewarding roles, ensuring the helicopters are expertly maintained and ready for service. As a Navy Gap Year Maritime Aviation Warfare Officer, you will have the opportunity experience what life is like for those in the jump seat, and gain insight into one of Australia's most unique aviation warfare jobs.

As a Navy Gap Year Maritime Aviation Warfare Officer you will have experiences and develop skills that will benefit you in your career and personal life long after you graduate. Your Gap Year will be broken up into different stages. This will give you the opportunity to receive basic training and to tour Navy's different bases. You will experience life at sea, as well as what it is like to be employed ashore in Navy Officer roles. As a Navy Gap Year Maritime Aviation Warfare Officer you will be provided with the opportunity to contribute to the operation of the ship or unit.

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  • Fully-paid training
  • Starting salary from $32,000 p.a equiv. plus superannuation
  • Numerous other benefits such as free medical and dental care, and access to sports and leisure facilities


  • The 9-week Initial Entry Officer Course is conducted at HMAS Creswell in Jervis Bay on the South Coast of NSW.
  • The Shore Establishment tour may include visits to:
    • Fleet Base East, HMAS Penguin, HMAS Watson and HMAS Waterhen in Sydney
    • HMAS Albatross and HMAS Creswell at Nowra
    • Fleet Base West in Western Australia at HMAS Stirling
  • Assignment to Sea Deployment and Shore Employment at Establishments could be in a range of locations around Australia.

Entry Requirements

  • Aged between 18-24 years old by completion of military training, which is dependent on each intake. January intake must be 18 by 29 March 2019; July intake must be 18 by 20 September 2019.
  • Australian citizen at time of enlistment
  • At a minimum, Year 12 level of secondary education (or equivalent) to Officer Entry standard with passes in English, Maths (Tertiary Entrance Level) and two other tertiary accredited subjects. Please note General Maths and Maths in Society or similarly modified math subjects are not accepted. You will also need to have completed Year 10 science, with a minimum C grade, however Year 12 chemistry, geography or physics is desirable and minimum grades apply.

Medical and fitness guidelines also apply.