Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank will be offering Graduate opportunities in Adelaide, Bendigo, Melbourne & Sydney.

Opportunities are linked to the Bank's workforce planning and will vary, however we typically choose from the business, economics, finance, mathematics and engineering disciplines.

What are we looking for?

Real people, not bots. If you've dedicated yourself entirely to study at the expense of other pursuits such as casual employment, team sports and university groups, we might not be the best option for you. By all means, we respect a great academic transcript but we are not blinded by it. We like battle scars.

This is an entirely candidate driven process and thus we don't have a 'type'. We hire on potential and that can take so many forms.

What does the application process look like?
In brief, its cover letter, CV and cognitive ability test at the first stage. Should you progress, Assessment Centre, Interview and Emotional Intelligence testing await. All candidates receive an articulated timeline of dated activity for transparency, a live example of listening to the feedback of previous participants and acting on it to make sure this is candidate-centric in delivery.

What will I do?
There is no simple answer to that. You may be entrusted to draft reporting for the Credit Risk Committee. Or develop risk models in stress testing. Maybe work on a new product. Crunching a bunch of data in Excel. Discussing credit solutions on a diary farm. Or keeping it real with a branch rotation. It could be anything but it will be real.

Reality Check.
Think of our Graduate Programs as a sushi train. You'll get a sample of a few bits and pieces but not the whole carriage. In fact it's likely you will have had more experiences than many of people by the time your program finishes. We offer a very competitive salary but our Employee Value Proposition is more than a payslip. The bank is the kind of place you can continue to reinvent yourself if you have the want, the desire and commitment to make it happen. If your motivators are simply money and getting to the top at light-speed, we are not likely to be a good fit for each other. We don't roll that way. Just saying.

Think of this as a 18-24 month apprenticeship. We are investing in potential and thus expect some errors – that's part of learning. Yes, we have expectations of absolute commitment but not that 11-hr day stuff with weekend top ups we hear about. Why burn you out – so you want to leave post-program? Doesn't make sense to us and neither should it to you.