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Clare Courtauld

My degrees didn’t lead to just one career, but a diverse mix of employment opportunities, which led to incredible experiences and more avenues for growth and learning.

Clare Elizabeth Courtauld completed Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science), Bachelor of Science (Marine Science, Conservation Biology), First Class Honours (Conservation Biology) and studied high school at Bridgetown High School.

With over 8 years working in ecology, environmental education, waste management and sustainability, I have a strong understanding of the natural environment and the need for its protection. I hope to inspire others to take action to live more sustainably for the benefit of the environment and future generations.

My passion for the environment started from a young age, growing up in the south west of WA, where I enjoyed exploring our many biodiverse ecosystems. I always enjoyed learning and made sure to work hard in my studies to enter my undergraduate Environmental Science course, with Marine Science and Conservation Biology tacked on. My degrees cemented my passion for the environment and I followed through to Honours to understand the world of research and how I could contribute to the conservation of our flora.

This then led to incredible work opportunities, from research to different private sector positions through to the public sector. I thrive on variety and opportunities for more learning and development in a workplace, so endeavoured to experience as much as I could in my 20s, including travelling the world and volunteering for international conservation organisations.

My current career is one that aligns with my passion and gives me purpose, and having a side business gives me flexibility to do more for the environment and have fun bringing the community together for environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Clare's journey since UWA. 

I graduated UWA in 2013 with first class Honours in Conservation Biology. My Honours project was based at the Kings Park Biodiversity Conservation Centre and I met some of my closest friends there. I learnt how to think critically and develop my research skills. Since then, I continued to work at as a Research Assistant on projects all around WA, largely to assist with mine site restoration and conservation of Threatened Ecological Communities. This equipped me for work in the private sector (environmental consulting and mining) and local government, where I am today. Last year my two dear friends and I felt we could do more to help the environment, and so we started an environmental business, Eco Action, which is focused on environmental education and community engagement to promote environmental conservation and sustainable living.

What’s your passion and how do you want to make a difference in the world?

I have always been passionate about protecting the natural environment and hope that I can make a positive difference in this way. I hope that through empowering the local community with the knowledge and tools to take action to preserve our natural environment, I can support positive change for the environment and our world.

What is the most interesting aspect of your career? Where could it go from here?

My degrees didn’t lead to just one career, but a diverse mix of employment opportunities, which led to incredible experiences and more avenues for growth and learning. I feel lucky to have experienced so many different jobs and sectors throughout my career, and have made some great revelations about what I want to achieve and see in the world. My current work and new business is interesting and full of variety, where I feel I can truly make a difference to help the environment and the way we live in it.

If you could share one piece of advice with a first year student, on their first day at UWA, what would it be?

Turn your passion into your purpose. You don’t have to know exactly what you want your career to be right now, but if you can find your passion and follow your interests you will no doubt be on the right path to a fulfilling career.


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