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Michael Booth

Michael's academic background is in Science (Hons in Natural Resource Management) with an emphasis on Economics, Land and Water Management. He has more than fourteen years of multi-disciplinary experience that covers a range of different industries, markets, cultures and countries including Australia, North America and all of Latin America.

His professional experience includes work in the following fields, sectors and industries: Science, Environment, Management Consulting, Mining & Minerals, Oil & Gas, Engineering (i.e. Civil, Environmental, Electrical, Mechanical, Power, Water & Marine, etc), Manufacturing (FMCG), Heavy Industry, Technology & Innovation, Business Development, Business Management, Executive Recruitment, OH&S, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Nonprofits & Advocacy, Start-up Consulting, Marketing, Communications, Writing and Editing.

He currently works on Fortescue Metal Groups (FMG) flagship new mine, Eliwana, where he is responsible for the entire environmental remit on behalf of NRW Contracting (formerly BGC Contracting). Part of the Senior Management Team, he ensures that the project complies with all legislative and contractual requirements as well as any requests made by the client. He acts as the interface between NRW Contracting and FMG for all environmental, heritage and other associated matters relevant to the construction of the bridges and earthworks for the new rail alignment.


Senior Environmental Advisor at NRW Holdings located in Pilbara, WA from February 2020 to Present (8 months)



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