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Alterative career ideas for students with an education major

Rina Richell

School Guidance Counselor

An education & teaching major already opens up plenty of interesting career options for you, but if you’re willing to think outside the square, you’ll find still more truly fulfilling job options once you are done with your education major. There is a whole array of careers that offer highly rewarding opportunities that are designed to help both young and old individuals to grow in their respective fields and also develop new skills. Such jobs typically entail a very broad array of regular and management-level responsibilities. At the same time, they can also facilitate interpersonal as well as one on one connections. There are plenty of different yet highly lucrative fields that you can work in, once you have a secondary education major. Let us take a quick look at some really good jobs that you can apply for!

Administration Jobs 

If you have a secondary education major, that does not mean that you will be restricted to teaching roles only. You can also opt for educational administration-related roles. Some of the more common job titles include school principal and vice-principal or even superintendent. This way you would not be working directly in the classroom but would have a supervisory role. On the other hand, superintendents and principals usually oversee not just a single school but often multiple schools located within a district. These people are in charge of all the day-to-day operations. Moreover, they are required to work with all of the staff members at these schools in order to provide a highly safe and equally productive learning environment for every student enrolled in the school.

Admissions Counsellor or Recruiter

Other jobs in the education field alongside teaching involve counselling or recruitment for a career center or a college. It is the responsibility of counsellors to provide feedback to students and prospective employees with regard to choosing the right university or college, or for that matter, a career based on their own innate strengths as well as weaknesses. By the same token, admissions recruiters also have a similar job description and background as the typical admissions counsellor. These people are directly responsible for promoting the educational institution they work for and recruiting prospective students. Both admissions counsellors and recruiters can also work to provide important information about various schools and give campus tours to help the prospect in making an informed decision. Admissions counsellors and recruiters work for private schools, career centers, public schools, colleges, and private businesses.

Join the Nursing Profession

Nursing is also a great job for anyone who has a secondary education major. A nurse takes care of his or her patients and makes sure they are safe, comfortable, and getting their nourishment and medicines, as and when required. An education qualification can give you a head start to achieving nursing professionalism.  In fact, professionalism in nursing is one of the most basic requirements for a good nurse.

Adult Education Jobs

There are many jobs in the adult education sector that offer great benefits to anyone who holds a secondary education major. As a matter of fact, teaching adults can be an extremely rewarding profession because adult education does not involve as many challenges as elementary or even secondary level education. Unlike children, adults voluntarily enrol in the many night schools that dot the adult education landscape. They have a genuine desire to learn. Many adult educators are also hired by corporations and in one-on-one instructional settings. Many adult education jobs come with a whole lot of benefits such as highly flexible hours and high average annual salaries too.

Become a Camp Director

Camp director jobs can be a great opportunity if you are in the process of looking for a second job, or for that matter, even a brand new career. Most camp directors usually tend to work seasonally, while maintaining full-time employment during the rest of the school year.


In light of the discussion above, we can conclude that there is a whole new world of opportunities out there, for people with a major in secondary education. From nursing to being a camp director, you can do it all.