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Chemical and Processing Engineering is an excellent field to be a graduate in. The industry is always hungry for new candidates in the field, and while competition is fierce for the graduate positions that do open up, the rewards can be great, and demand frequently outstrips supply. The position of Chemical & Processing Engineer is listed on both the Skilled Occupation List and the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List with the Visa Bureau, which indicates a high demand and a low supply for skilled workers in this field. 

Chemical and processing engineers in Australia generally receive an average salary of AU$77,559, with the average starting salary for a new graduate coming in at AU$54,878. Many of the available chemical & processing engineering graduate jobs will be in more isolated areas rather than in large cities, which leads to lower living costs.

Viva Energy Australia, O-I, and Shell are some of the larger employers in the field in Australia. Of these, Shell may be considered the largest.

Shell is an international employer which has been operating in Australia for more than 100 years. Their graduate programme is considered to be excellent, offering two paths to entry into the company for graduates and students: Assessed Internship and the Graduate Programme. 

During the 12-week assessed internship, students in their pre-final year are given the opportunity to work for Shell on a project team with other professionals, giving them the opportunity to see the field from the inside. Interns are mentored and regularly assessed. Applications for the Assessed Internship Programme usually open in July and close in August.

With the Graduate Programme, Shell makes a number of positions available for graduates from Australia. The program allows for further study while working for the company, and gives graduates access to Shell’s well of expertise and funding for their learning. Applications for Shell’s Graduate Programme generally open in February and close in April.

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Graduate Stories

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Alcoa of Australia
Katie studied Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at the Curtin University and Diploma of Modern Languages (Indonesian) at the University of New England
Tazri Khan NAB Graduate
Tazri studied chemical engineering at University of Sheffield
South 32 Graduate Profile Image- Aileen
Aileen studied Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and Bachelor of Arts (Chinese) at the University of Adelaide, 2017

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Tristan Ashford Santos Graduate

Tristan Ashford studied Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (1st Hons) and Bachelor of Economics at University of Western Australia and is now Fairview Operations Engineer at Santos