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Chemistry Graduate Jobs overview

Chemistry is the largest scientific discipline in Australia and many universities have dedicated chemistry departments. 

Types of graduate jobs/roles include:

  • Analytical chemist
  • Research scientist
  • Process Engineer
  • Clinical Biochemist 
  • Forensic Scientist 
  • Chemical Development Engineer
  • Science Writer
  • Toxicologist 
  • Patent Agent
  • Teaching at a secondary school or university 
  • Environmental Consultant 

Most chemistry graduates are employed in the private sector, while 24% are employed through government agencies and 25% by universities or schools. 


Over 61% of chemistry graduates find full-time employment after graduation in the chemistry field, with a further 7% finding full-time employment in education fields. The most frequently reported positions are in design, engineering, science, transport, ICT, and specialist management. 

The chemistry sector will form an important part of our country’s future as technological changes increase the importance of chemical research and development in areas such as solar, electric vehicles and water desalination. As a result, chemistry graduates are seeing their career opportunities increase. Currently, Australia’s chemicals industry employs over 60,000 people and accounts for 10% of the country’s total manufacturing activity. It contributes more than $11 billion per year to GDP and is vital to major Australian industries.

The biggest graduate employers include:

  • CSIRO 
  • Dairy Innovation Australia
  • Dulux
  • Delta Laboratories
  • Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research
  • Orica
  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Novartis 
  • Australian Laboratory Services 

Average graduate salaries

The median starting salary for chemistry graduates is $45,000-$50,000; however, the median annual salary for chemistry at all stages of career is over $80,000.

How to find work and apply

Many of the major chemistry employers in Australia offer graduate programs, which have varying closing dates throughout the year. A lot of these programs offer relocation assistance to graduates as programs may be offered in regional centres rather than capital cities. Register for job alerts with GradAustralia [] to keep up-to-date with upcoming graduate job opportunities.

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