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Civil and structural engineering is a high-demand field not only in Australia, but across the world. In Australia, the Visa Bureau has marked the field as in demand, and it is listed on both the Skilled Occupation List and the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations list. It is important to remember that the majority of the demand is for experienced civil and structural engineers, but the number of graduate positions that open every year is enormous, since civil engineering is a field that encourages long-term thinking, and most companies offer graduate positions to develop the skills of newly graduated civil and structural engineers. Expect competition for these positions to be tough, but it should not be too hard for a graduate in this field to find an entry-level position.

The average minimum salary for civil & structural engineering graduate jobs in Australia is AU$ 60,000 annually. The overall average is in the area of AU$ 133,846 annually, while top experienced civil and structural engineers can expect to earn upwards of AU$200,00. 

Many companies in the civil and structural engineering field have development programs for graduates that enable them to progress in their careers. One of these is Aurecon, a civil engineering company based in South Africa and Australia. Their graduate program is aimed at developing skilled professionals in all fields, and encourages further study. The company also makes a point of helping the graduates in their program gain professional accreditation, which is an important facet of skills development that some graduate programs do not include. Applications for their graduate program are generally open between February and May. Another company with an excellent graduate program is Aecom, which offers a graduate program that makes a point of its diversity. Their graduate program integrates graduates with skilled professionals, which allows new graduates the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field. Applications for Aecom’s graduate program are usually open between February and March.

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