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If there is such a thing as a safe field, the computer and software engineering fields almost certainly qualify. The industry has been growing non-stop for the past 20 years, and shows no sign of slowing. The only problem is that since it is an industry well-known for excellent salaries, it has become quite popular, with the result that competition for graduate jobs can be quite ferocious. Nevertheless, the field is booming in Australia, with branches of large international companies such as Google among those contending for the country’s crop of computer and software engineering graduates.

The average salaries for computer and software engineers in Australia hover around the AU$72,000 mark. Starting salaries are closer to AU$50,000, while experienced computer and software engineers can expect to bring in well over AU$100,000. It is worth noting, however, that computer-related jobs tend to cluster in cities, where the cost of living is high.

One of the largest employers in the entire IT sector in Australia is Google, whose Sydney offices employ a vast number of computer and software engineers. Computer & software engineering graduate jobs at the internet giant are plentiful and their graduate program is stellar. Home-grown tech start-up Atlassian’s graduate program is also impressive, investing in graduates on an unprecedented scale. The company does not have set times for application, but instead advertise a number of graduate positions as needed. Atlassian also has an internship program, usually running for 12 weeks of full-time work. 

Many corporates like Commonwealth Bank and Westpac also offer graduate programs for computer and software engineering graduates. Although not 'tech' companies per se, opportunities like these often offer continuing education and excellent career progression opportunities.

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