Who we are and what we offer!

Diageo is a global FMCG leader in beverage alcohol with over 200 brands, old and new, large and small, global and local – the depth and breadth of our product portfolio across beer, wine and spirits is second to none, with brands sold in 180 countries, at almost every price point in every category.
We only thrive today because of the talent of our people to grow our brands and keep them strong by acting with the same entrepreneurial spirit and determination as the giants of our industry such as Arthur Guinness and Alexander Walker.

We want you to jump straight in to your new role and from day one you'll have real responsibilities and an immediate opportunity to be part of our business success. You'll demonstrate an aspiration to progress as well a willingness to challenge the status quo in pursuit of performance. Best of all, we promise to give you the freedom to showcase your ideas and initiatives giving you the room to grow.

We were built by people of extraordinary character like Arthur Guinness, Alexander Walker and Charles Tanqueray. You will stand on the shoulders of these giants and like them, you'll have a chance to leave a legacy.

The Supply Program

Our products are at the heart of what we do at Diageo, manufacturing and packaging them are some of the most important elements of our business. We want your input and ideas to improve our processes and help shape our future. This means you could be looking at ways to drive sustainability in all we do, involved in developing more cost effective bottling techniques or creating innovative new packaging methods.

How it works

We operate in a world full of heritage and innovation where age old craftsmanship meets cutting edge science and latest engineering technology, and over the three year programme with us you'll grow your expertise in manufacturing (distillation and maturation, brewing, packaging and engineering), Supply Chain and Procurement.

The key ingredients we want you to have

  • Do you have the capability to succeed in our organisation today but also have the potential to be our leaders of tomorrow?
  • Are you full of energy, enthusiasm and optimism in everything you do?
  • Do you follow your instincts and stand up for what you feel is right?
  • Are you driven and agile, determined to overcome challenges and succeed with creativity and a flair?
  • Are you confident and passionate about working collaboratively in pursuit of finding the best and most innovative solutions for your team?
  • And most importantly do you want to be great, influencing and inspiring others to always do better?

To qualify you will need:

  • A minimum Bachelor 5.5 GPA or credit average equivalent
  • If you are applying for our Supply Chain programme you need to be studying one of the following subjects: Engineering/ Science/ Business Management/ Supply Chain/ Logistics
  • Fluency in English
  • Excellent numerical & analytical ability
  • Full and clean driver's license required

Please note: you may be based in any of our geographic regions and we therefore require you to be mobile and willing to potentially relocate for the role.