Talk about good advice with Matheus Yeo


Australian Energy Market Operator’s Matheus Yeo did not enter the energy sector on a whim but after researching opportunities and talking to people in the know.

“The advice I was given at university was to pay attention to industries that were at the cusp of transformation, or whose focus areas would only become more important over time,” the energy market analyst says. “There is nothing quite like working in something you are passionate about, and after listening to a lot of advice, I realised the energy sector was teeming with opportunities.”

Yeo says it is crucial for jobseekers to speak with people who work in the industry they are interested in.

Yeo did internships while at uni and, in 2015, joined AEMO’s Graduate Development Program, where he has continued to learn about the energy sector. Applications for the 2018 AEMO graduate intake open in June.