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team of people discussing work - workplace diversity
Graduate Advice

As an employee, you too can influence ethnic diversity at work. Here are 5 ways you can help create an inclusive workplace.

workplace diversity - modern business team
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Graduates have a right to pursue rewarding careers without discrimination. Our graduates share their opinions on diversity in six Australian workplaces.

Energy, lights, city
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Learn about careers in the energy and utilities industry: what’s involved, key players, salaries, where people work as well as the pros and cons of the sector.


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SAS Graduate Profile Image - Jesse
Jesse Leopold studied a Master of Business Information Systems, Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science. Jesse is a senior associate technical consultant at SAS.
CSL Graduate profile image - Michael
Michael studied Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University.
Carlton & United Breweries Graduate Profile Image - Jacob
Carlton & United Breweries
Jacob Gyzen studied a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) and is a global management trainee at Carlton & United Breweries.

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Jake St Mart, Graduate Sales Engineer at Honeywell
Graduate Profile Image- Matthew
A day in the life of…

Graduate Project Engineer, CSL