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Environment Graduate Jobs overview

Particularly in the last few years, with the international spotlight increasingly falling on environmental issues and sustainability including climate change, the supply, demand and appeal of environment graduate jobs has significantly increased.

Environment jobs in Australia

Both in the public and private sectors, including industry, business and all levels of government, the importance of the environment is becoming increasingly recognised by organisations and authorities. Environmental issues are being taken into consideration in the formation of policies and practices, which has significantly increased the availability of environment graduate jobs across the board.

Working in the environmental field

The scope of environment graduate jobs is vast, from entry-level positions to high-ranking environmental scientists.

Among the tasks undertaken by environment graduates are:

  • Environmental research
  • Conservation planning
  • Setting environmental policies
  • Reporting on and enforcing the following of environmental guidelines
  • Formation of environment strategies and codes of practice
  • Managing environmental programs
  • Undertaking environmental audits and more

Environment graduate jobs

Environment graduates can seek work in the private sector, where there is a high demand for environmental skills and knowledge at all levels due to the increasing need for sustainable social, environmental and economic practices.

There is also an abundance of opportunity in the public sector, with the Federal Department of the Environment and Energy offering a graduate stream [https://www.environment.gov.au/about-us/employment/graduate-programme] for candidates across all disciplines.

Environment graduate education

Environment graduate jobs can be sought across the spectrum of industry and government, especially by those with specialist environmental science and engineering degrees. But more general degrees with an environmental focus, or relevant agricultural, geography or other specialities such as business degrees and studies, may also be appropriate.

Public and private sector employers will also offer graduate, training and development schemes including apprenticeships, while a demonstration of voluntary work in the conservation, ecological and animal sectors is recommended for applicants.


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