Current GenerationOne scholar

Layneisha Sgro, current GenerationOne scholar

Layneisha Sgro

Home:          Broome, WA

Studying:     Bachelor of Commerce, University of Melbourne

Mob:             Nyiyarparli, Jabbir Jabbir, Bairdi

Layneisha’s story is like that of many other young people, but her commitment to excellence and interest in community development display a wisdom beyond her years.

Her ambition to become a voice for the Indigenous community inspired us as we got to know Layneisha throughout her application process, and we’ve watched on with delight as she follows her dreams of becoming an aspiring lawyer and politician. Layneisha is on track to make a real difference - in her own life, and in the lives of Australians everywhere.

In her own words

Her background

"Over the past five years I've attended boarding school at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Perth, on an Indigenous scholarship. During this time I was fortunate to be involved in a number of advocacy programs including the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy, a 2014 Indigenous representative at National Youth Week and a National Youth Awards Selection Panel member - which allowed me to be a voice for Australian Indigenous youth. I also worked in a cafe in Broome, completed a barista training course and participated in a variety of community service programs."

What she's doing now

"I have just started my degree and am residing at Queen’s College. When I graduate I hope to practice as a lawyer, perhaps specialising in Indigenous rights and corporate law. Eventually I want to go into politics. 

How the GenerationOne scholarship makes a difference

“I want to inspire other young Indigenous people to chase their dreams and realise that they are capable of more than they think. The scholarship is helping provide support and motivation - especially by showing that others are willing to invest in my education and dreams.”