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Career Prospects at Accenture

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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
I'm very new, but from what I've heard Accenture are fairly structured on how many years you should stay at one level before being promoted.
The promotions are based on personal goals of progression, not grading people against each other
I think it is bit of hard work and time consuming to move up the ranks. but it is possible.
If you are committed and make an effort with you CC you are able to make a good appearance and get the promotion. However, the promotion committee over looks hard workers.
2-3years & hard work that or an Olympic gold medal
There are opportunities to progress. You are given a career counsellor whose role is to mentor you on your career progression. They are not meant to be involved with your project directly, so they can be somewhat impartial. They advocate for you to receive a promotion in the yearly performance review process. You have to demonstrate that you have performed above what is expected of you in order to receive a promotion, but it helps to know some of the people in the discussion (senior managers department leads) so that they can put a face to the name.
Depends how hard you work!
You have to be an analyst for 2 years on average before even being considered for a promotion.
If you take charge of your career, you can progress quickly. Other firms may be better at this though.
seems possible, however haven't had much experience with this yet
Promotion possibilities are there but you have to work hard for it. Competition is fierce and you must stand out in a world of already above average people.
Excel and be passionate about your job.
Promotional periods happen twice every year and all you have to do is perform, complete your tasks, work hard. It's not too challenging to do that.
Half yearly reviews where you have a career counselor who takes on feedback from others and yourself to represent you in performance achievement discussions and can advocate on your behalf for a raise. However limited by the fact that sometimes these people can be not very reliable or limited funding available for promotion.
Not too sure, depends if there are places and people think you're doing well. Its harder if no one really notices/knows you.
Depends which career track you are aligned with, also can be luck based on projects you are given when you start (or not given)
If you show you have what it takes to be at the next level it should be easy to get a promotion. Budget always plays a big role
It is not about the number of years you have been with the company, but it is about your successful completion of personal goals and targets, as well as there being room within the budget for you to receive a promotion.
That totally depends on the project you work and how well you build relationship with senior management. Hard work is not enough
You must work overtime and provide more than expected to be considered for promotion.