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Corporate Social Responsibility at Accenture

8.4 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 57 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Everyone has to participate on CSR one day per year. I have participated in one event where I had to help the kids with cerebral palsy syndrome.
Each employer is encouraged to do some hours of compulsory volunteering every year and the company supports lots of social causes
there is a push to volunteer with each employee given a 1 day leave each year. however, it is difficult to schedule with the work being very busy.
Massive global program of pro-bono consulting I worked on mentoring entrepreneurs in Uganda
Every employee is given 1 day of volunteering hours that they can charge whenever they like for any volunteering activity. Using this time is strongly encouraged and is a key KPI for senior management.
Big push for volunteering and CSR
There are amazing opportunities in CSR, especially in the Development Program where you get to take reduced pay (although it's made up in living expenses being covered) to go overseas and work with an NGO or on a social project.
At Accenture, each employee is encouraged to complete 1 day of volunteering per financial year. Personally, I completed this with OzHarvest, a company that collects unwanted food from supermarkets and delivers it to local charities.
Volunteer day per FY. Can get additional volunteer leave under special circumstances.
Each employee can take one day of paid leave for a volunteering event per year.
Every employee gets 1 volunteer day a year to support a cause of their choice. They don't have to take it - and can request additional days, but the volunteer day is paid. They support Tech Girls are Super Heroes - a movement that goes into primary schools and encourages younger girls to get into coding and engineering roles. Which encourages them to enter a largely male dominated workplace.
Doing community service once per year is mandatory, and getting more involved is encouraged. I have volunteered for Dress for Success. Accenture is part of a huge range of volunteering projects and initiates.
Support for volunteering leave as well as providing direct support to certain initiatives.
Good initiatives - Coding for kids, volunteering in kitchens and building bikes for kids.
Employees given one day a year for volunteering. Encouraged to extend your skills to charities/not for profits especially at a more senior level, global development work is also available.
Accenture is very big on 'corporate citizenship' and every employee gets one paid day a year to do volunteering.
They have teamed up with many charities but attending initiatives during work hours, although time provided to do so, is sometimes too hard
We are encouraged to take one paid volunteering day per year. I have helped out with the Hamodava Cafe, a homeless centre in Melbourne where I have helped serve breakfast and lunch to homeless. It was an incredibly rewarding experience.
1 day a year, paid volunteering
Each employee is encouraged to take a corporate citizenship day (which is an allocated day to use towards a charity of an employee's choice).