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Diversity at Accenture

8.9 rating for Diversity, based on 57 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
Very diverse.
We pride ourselves on our diversity.
Accenture is more focused on diversity than any other company.
Accenture is an extremely diverse workplace and they have many programs to help promote diversity in the workplace. This was something that although it is a core Accenture value, I was really pleasantly surprised by how much they live up to their diversity claims.
Extremely strong support of inclusion & diversity
The company has a strong commitment to diversity and has many internal campaigns to raise awareness for different minorities. There is a strong focus on ensuring that career progression is not impacted by race, gender, sexual orientation etc.
They celebrate International Women's day, have paid maternity leave, have a nursing mother's room, support LGBT rights.
The company has a good plan for diversity which they're putting into place, but gender diversity within my group is extremely poor. We really need more female managers and hiring at the lower levels is blatantly skewed towards women.
There are a number of initiatives to address diversity
Very diverse backgrounds, from ethnicity to university to degrees. Accenture has committed to 50/50 gender diversity by 2025.
Wide range of programs to support all people.
The company is supportive of all minority groups. They have flexible work arrangements for people that might need to work less to raise kids, there maternity leave practice is standard for men, but they are actively trying to improve the retention of female employees who have children in any way they can.
Accenture performs extremely highly regarding women in business and LGBT community - there is always forums on being more welcoming, getting involved, etc.
Extremely good. Different initiatives and groups to support these activities. Lots of visibility.
Plans for diversity in the workforce are good.
Really strong push on the ALLY (pride) network, focus on boosting women in leadership, very diverse work group from all different cultural backgrounds
I feel like Accenture has some of the best programs when it comes to diversity. We have big groups that support and bring awareness to LGBT, mental health, women, and many more.
It is one of our core values and flows well with our Global network
Accenture prides itself on diversity. It has LGBT allies, who are employees who complete a short online course to represent they support the LGBT community and will always be available for assistance. The company is incredibly diverse and multicultural, and I feel it has more of a 50% split between men and women than any other company I've worked for.
They do an amazing job supporting diversity
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
We don't discriminate at the application stage as these people provide more diversity, which we require to become fully diverse.
Accenture provides opportunity to each and everyone,
I am not sure, however I would imagine initiatives exist as Accenture is big on diversity
Volunteering and outreach + hiring opportunities
They run workshops all the time to help prepare those from less privileged backgrounds for interviews and help them "look the part" for the job they want.
Programs to help encourage young people from underprivileged schools to join the industry.