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Salary at Accenture

6.1 rating for Salary, based on 56 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Decent for a graduate, not so good with cost of living expenses in Sydney
Pay is low
I think the pay has to be competitive with the industry standards.
Pay is good, but it is misleading in the offer you receive as it includes superannuation so is in fact not much more than other industry competitors. I also think the difference in salary between analysts and consultants is quite large, particularly given that on many occasions analysts will be doing consultant-level work.
Great starting salaries - but slow progression
Pay is pretty low compared to similar roles in other companies.
Salary is pretty bad compared to some other companies and the public service.
I think the pay is not sufficient enough for the work we do.
Good pay compared to competitors
Pay is generous, bonuses for junior people are minor.
It's lower than quite a number of companies in the same industry
Bonuses are great. not sure what it is yet
Above average pay out of uni. But can climb quickly to very high pay if you work hard and learn quickly. Base pay plus bonus scheme is the norm
It seems challenging to progress to higher pay levels.
Bonuses don't really happen for my level, but my general pay is pretty good considering my qualifications.
Unsure about bonuses, and am indifferent regarding pay. I chose the company on aspects other than these.
Pay and bonuses are good - Overtime compensation would be great though, as overtime is not paid.
Pay is very average for a graduate in this position but the bonuses the Perth office receives makes it ok
We are paid much less than a graduate engineer, and other companies. However, our pay does go up the longer we are with the company (e.g. manager)
I should be earning double what I'm paid.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
a lot of specials (deals) with companies ranging from technology to footy tickets.
Many discounts for recreational activities and strong focus on volunteering.
Accenture has so many perks, especially the Apple employee purchase program, which is my favorite.
The Accenture perks at work - wide variety of discounts offered by companies.
We get perks on many brands and shops as employees of the company which is really good and has helped me save a lot of money for most of the shopping that i do
I have enjoyed the lavish dinners provided by managers
Expenses (travel, accommodation, etc.) Great Office space Array of events throughout the year Sponsored my full relocation from Brisbane (car & personal belongings)
Free dinners and drinks occur frequently. Also - there is an online portal where employees can get discounts on a large number of items.
As we are a large company with lots of clients, we get several perks from the companies we represent.
Work parties are fantastic
Free tickets to sponsored events. Apart from that, not really that many great perks.
International training
We get a lot of discounts to various stores, restaurants, etc.
Free regular drinks, where lots of the young people go
Abundance of training, travel, work/life balance, discounts at various stores, dinners and work events are common, paid taxi, food and accommodation when travelling for work.
Networking events paid for by the company.
We have a program where you can get discounts on HEAPS of stuff. If you need to fly for work, you can still use your own Qantas card and get points for it. Main office has free cereal and a barista on site. Fridays are awesome fun.
Access to a wide range of discounts, performance point system that can be traded in for rewards, access to special offers and free content from certain partners.
Perks at work website - But these aren't too accessible and relevant.
Company rewards partner program is quite extensive