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Training & Personal Development at Accenture

7.7 rating for Training, based on 56 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
So far the training I've been involved in (orientation) has been okay, I haven't yet sat in on any other training.
Normal on the job training along with vast amount of online documentation, trainings and certifications.
I think the orientation program can be improved in some areas, providing more advice to find a project, and where is your fit in the company.
One thing that was promoted / promised as a graduate is the opportunity for international training and to meet analysts from overseas offices. This is did not happen and I went on local training. Something to keep in mind given that this is one of Accenture's main draw cards for graduates.
the training course provided as a graduate joiner was inadequate to prepare you for your role. it was a two week holiday before the end of your free time.
Training programs are available - however this is poorly communicated, and you are restricted based on the business segment you are in. I have been repeatedly denied training I wanted to do because I was not in the right business segment for that training - this is also not communicated until you are rejected.
There could be some improvements here.
I have completed a lot of training since joining the company, and I have had the opportunity to select what I would like to become certified in.
I've bettered my Excel and PowerPoint skills, learnt about stakeholder management, used Salesforce platform tools, learnt about the Agile way to do things, learnt how to use Visio. I am also going to participate in design thinking training.
One of the firm's biggest selling points is fantastic training.
Training is mostly delivered in blocks overseas, or online.
They are looking to upskill people including paying for external programs such as SAFE agile training
Amazing amount of training, the company spent 900 mil worldwide on training for its employees. You can choose what you want to train in (within reason) to best suit your own chosen career path.
Face to face and hands on
Mostly online training
So many training opportunities, particularly if you want to do training in your own time.
I don't participate in trainings currently, however am aware they are out there (get to go to India for training at year-end). I have picked up many skills such as finessing business writing and using Visio.
Plenty of different ways to access formal and informal training programs. Online learning, subsidies for external content providers and also internally provided training for different skills and accreditation.
Digital analyst training and design thinking. Both of these are useful, but not in the day to day work day.
A lot of training is available although online training is of questionable quality. In face to face, and training run by Accenture virtually is often quite good. Lots of company assets for standard work tools that are super valuable