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Working Hours at Accenture

7.3 rating for Working Hours, based on 56 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I start work at 8am and finish on average around 5:30-6.
Depending on the project and release dates, hours could be longer than expected.
Quite flexible and very understanding when you need to take time off. Normal work hours (9-5) but there are times you will need to stay later which is the nature of almost any workplace.
The hours are flexible, but that depends on the amount of responsibilities.
Fairly standard working week. Tends to ramp up closer to a project end-date but so far I am yet feel burnt out. Accenture are also very flexible in terms or working from home etc.
I work normal hours a week. My company is flexible when it comes to working. But sometimes when we are required to work from client location, it gets a little compulsory to go there and work
Dependent on client arrangement - Accenture offers a very flexible culture
Company is fairly flexible, however it is standard practice to work an hour or so above the standard 9-5.
At this stage, I've been sticking to the 9-5 aspect of corporate life, but that's because I'm on the bench. I know, and I've also been told, what when you're assigned to a project, you rarely stick to the conventional hours of work.
While not having a flex system like the public service I have never had to work overtime in my role. There are plenty of people who do need to work reasonable overtime, however they are recognised for it.
Depends on the project manager. Work hours can extend a lot if there are deadlines.
Very reasonable hours
My hours have been ok, and I'm not opposed to working hard. But I've heard that some project can mean a lot more hours than I'd be happy doing on a regular basis.
Very flexible when it comes to working from home
Work hours are flexible but you must also be flexible. Working from home is common and offsetting hours for time in lieu, but you must also be ready to work late and travel nationally/internationally at a moment's notice.
Fairly flexible, but when there is deadlines no way for flexibility and lots of stress
Can vary depending on where we are in the project. It is expected that we will put in the overtime when required. There is however, a big focus on work life balance.
I can come in a little later if I have to without getting hassled, and as long as I get my work done, i can leave when I need to as well. It's pretty flexible - as long as the work is complete
I would be happy to work more hours. Accenture seems to be flexible - however I have never needed to leave early/change work times
Regular working day. Usually 9 to 5 or similar. Very flexible on the exact timings which is good because I can start earlier and finish earlier where need by.