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Office & Workplace at Accenture

7.8 rating for Workplace, based on 57 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
location is good, and facilities are good. Most of the time we work out of client offices though.
The offices are very well maintained and impressive. The dress code is up to the professional standards. can do Friday smart casuals.
Office space is in a great location and primarily hot-desking, as most consultants will work from the client site. Melbourne are about to get new offices which look really great. Business casual dress code.
Impressive, however the only con is very little space.
Amazing new offices across ANZ
Dress code is office formal wear. The office space is nice and has good facilities - however I work at the client site so I don't spend much time there.
Fantastic offices.
About to move to a new office in a more central location, where we'll have more space and much better facilities. The dress code differs slightly depending which team you're in, but is generally corporate. When working on Design led projects it's far more casual.
Office is simple but nice. Dress code is corporate but flexible with casual Fridays.
Brand new building located in Collins street. Fit out is very cutting edge and people friendly. Dress code is quite relaxed and casual clothing is the norm in many parts of the business. Only time suits are definitely required are in client meetings.
Properly maintained and clean
Very nice and central. Dress code really varies to match your client's dress code.
Dress code varies between clients. We dress for our clients, which means we can sometimes wear jeans and a T-shirt and sometimes we need to wear business suits. It depends. Location is great, very centralized to everything and currently has great views. We have a very open office plan as we are largely an agile workplace - where we can be with the client
I work at the client site - however, when I have been to the office it appears great.
Home office is great, and in a great location. Dress code is formal as being on client site everyday.
Dress code is business, but because of its consulting nature we generally spend our time are client offices, though we will be moving to a new location soon. Main offices located in Melbourne CBD.
It is a very small office as a lot of us are client based, but compared to other major cities our office is nothing compared to them
The office facilities are in an amazing location. The offices themselves are a bit small, with a limited number of desks available to hot desk. This will improve when we move into our new office in October. The dress code is smart casual, with no managers wearing any ties. Casual Friday's are a jeans and t-shirt dress code
Pretty cool for a digital agency in a consulting firm.
We have adjustable standing desks! And a win bell! The office is pretty comfortable with neat casual clothing.