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Career Prospects at AECOM

6.3 rating for Career Prospects, based on 56 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
It can be challenging to identify the opportunities in front of us. A good manager will assist in identifying these and supporting career progression. More recently employees have been encouraged to develop a career plan which is useful in starting the conversation.
Tend to use hierarchical bands and 'years in the chair' type metrics rather than recognising the value provided to clients/the business as a marker for progression. This tends to push high performing early career people to look elsewhere for a promotion rather than have their contribution recognised internally.
AECOM has a fairly flat organisation structure. I have had two promotions in 5 years since starting as a graduate, which is probably a bit faster than the usual progression.
Knowing the right people in the organisation and building a rapport and reputation for oneself.
there are so many great people here that it is probably harder to get early promotions, but I am learning so much so I am content where I am
Graduate position is 3 years, then you get promotions every three years or so.
I was at the company for 10 months before I got my first promotion. If you work hard enough and impress everyone they will show you the recognition that you deserve.
Neutral, as a first year engineer I am not sure of the processes involved in securing promotions or the simplicity to do so
The company have a fairly rigid band system for progression. It seems very difficult to accelerate one's progress through high performance in technical disciplines. Acceleration does seem to be possible through involvement in project management for the right teams.
Hard to tell as the market changes. The graduate program is a very long 3 years, and it's not a formal program. This is a cost saving mechanism as much as a training opportunity. However, high achievers can be recognised and they will have market competitive promotions.
Good work is always recognised and rewarded, they also encourage you to improve your skills constantly so you can move upwards easily
Looks like it will probably take time, which is fair enough because there is a lot to learn.
Mainly just takes time. some opportunity to fast track this with good experience
At the graduate level it is hard to gain a promotion purely based on skills. It is more about time spent at the company which can be frustrating.
Progression is primarily time based.
Progression is based on a number of factors such as years of experience, performance and behaviours. It depends on the individual and how hard you work, if you work hard you'll create opportunities.
I've seen lots of progression in my team and I've seen people moving from one department to the next quite easily.
Looking around at others seems slow
Each employee is assessed at the end of the each year for their performance. If they do well they may get a payment increase or move up in rank. However, I feel a lot of people didn't move up this past year.
Due to the global nature of AECOM, there are lots of opportunity to move up in the company and move around globally. Due to AECOM's structured performance and rewards program, promotion can be annual if you display the necessary skills, behaviours, competencies etc.