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Culture at AECOM

8.1 rating for Culture, based on 57 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
its early days yet but the workers in my team seem to get along very well, as well with some senior managers they have got to know of their time. The company has joined with URS so I am unsure how the merge all fits together. there are plenty of social club type gatherings and events, it looks really fun
Locally there is a great sense of team. This also extends to other offices where there is regular communication, collaboration and contact. For graduates and young engineers there are active social activities outside of work hours.
Friendly and cooperative in the office but not very interactive after work
At work we may have strong personal opinion and sometimes argument re project that we working together but after work we mingle together as friends.
Collegiate, lively group, frequent out of hours catch ups. Everyone is willing to pitch in to meet goals and deadlines
Hard working but focusing on enjoying every day. Making sure we celebrate our successes.
Generally good culture; flexible working hours; co-operation and teamwork could be improved. Hierarchy is based on who you know rather than technical skill.
Dedicated, tight-knit, supportive
Encourage a work-life balance. As a graduate engineer, I receive support from my team and team leaders. Most work is conducted in a group.
Lots of team building events
Within my immediate team, not too much socialising happens, but there is a great support network for graduates, where learning and social activities regularly take place. There isn't really the culture where you have to stay back for fake overtime to look good.
Great people and culture. Everyone is equal.
Team is very balanced, relaxed and to the point. Highly social and always willing to help. Not that many opportunities to socialise outside of work hours. Never had a problem with flexible hours.
Open plan office, good for flexible working but can sometimes make it hard to build good relationships when everyone is always moving around. Electrical team has two managers but a few principal engineers. All the team is very knowledgeable and willing to assist the grads. Some team members do not take responsibility and are quick to point blame (same goes for all companies, I imagine).
There does not appear to be a social club that I have found. Everyone works long and hard (usually 50+ hour weeks) in the office. Each smaller team will have presentations where they will put on pizza and drinks for their employees, however with the exception of the Christmas party, there are no wider company social occasions that I have experienced.
The company has various programs to encourage social interaction, health and safety within and outside office hours.
Very social office, opportunity to join social club (i.e. dinners, boot camp, monthly BBQ's, lunches), strong teamwork culture
Friendly people both in the office and after hours. There is almost always time for a coffee and a chat. Many staff play sport together, catch up after work for drinks, and form strong friendships that endure once they change offices or leave AECOM.
Fun, vibrant, team oriented
Great culture in the Newcastle office with good work/life balance. Extra hours required to meet deadlines but there is no culture of consistently staying late. Work is mostly individual but in the context of a team of 5-10.