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Diversity at AECOM

9 rating for Diversity, based on 58 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
AECOM has a published commitment to closing the gender pay gap, recruiting and promoting more women. Also provides flexible work opportunities. Compared to other engineering companies I think we are probably leading in this area, with the Australia & New Zealand Managing Director and many other senior staff female
Big drive and commitment for D&I
I see a big emphasis on diversity and am happy to be a part of that
Being in the engineering industry, most engineers are male. However, the company I work for ensures a good mixture of both men and women. I have also met a lot of employees with different ethnical backgrounds.
ANZ CEO is extremely focused on diversity. HR purposefully put more female applicants to managers to promote diversity. Flexibility is a key topic to retain diversity. not too much focus on ethnic diversity
The thought and commitment is there. 50/50 of graduate intake
Female CEO and very senior roles taken up by strong females.
I work with a group of people from many different cultures and backgrounds. White Australians are actually a minority on our team! I work with a lady who has just taken maternity leave and will have her job to come back to when she is ready. Another male has just taken paternity leave with the same option to return when he is ready. AECOM won Engineers Australia's 2016 award for most outstanding company in gender diversity. Also won the Human Rights Campaign Foundation "Corporate Equality Index, a rating of American businesses on LGBT workplace equality in 2016.
The company have enormous political capital invested in a push for more women at every level. This is working successfully in recruiting promoting, and retaining excellent women. I would not describe the push as nuanced, but it effective and a worthy goal. The company is less vocal about LGBTIQ inclusiveness. Perhaps this will be the next big push.
Have a dedicated committee who work hard with regard to diversity and inclusion. More recently, a lot of focus on women and indigenous employees
A strong emphasis on having an intake of 50/50 binary genders, and there are lots of minorities represented. However, the distribution of these is not even amongst disciplines and business functions, such as a strong female representation in HR and receptionist services but very few in technical.
Our office is diverse, with diverse education backgrounds. Our department perhaps has the most even gender split in the company.
My team is very diverse. There could be more women, but a lot are on maternity leave currently. There is a wide diversity of people from different countries.
AECOM employs the best person for the job, which I think is the right approach. They do employ women who are fit for the roles they undertake and are willing to promote women to senior management when they are the right fit. Flexible hours and move towards more contractors has the potential to work better for primary care-givers (both men and women). As more engineers move internationally, AECOM have employed people from a range of cultural backgrounds.
More women than men in this department.
The parental leave package is reasonable, and my return to work after baby was very smooth and it all happened at my pace. AECOM is very culturally diverse and we have employees from all around the world.
Gender isn't quite 50/50 but is pretty close
Excellent. CEO is female. Also I have seen many women (and men) come and go on maternity leave. Flexible working hours is also offered to allow employees to have quality family time.
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
AECOM has a Reconciliation Action Plan which involves providing work experience opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students, with the aim of developing these students to graduates.
various community programs
career tracker is a program for aboriginal heritage students studying engineering to work at AECOM
I am not aware of any initiatives in this area. The company does have a Career Trackers program to engage a small number of people from Indigenous Australian backgrounds.
If you have the will you have a way at AECOM- no questions were ever asked on cultural background