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Job Satisfaction at AECOM

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
My role involves a mixture of delivering technical acoustic project, managing multi-disciplinary projects, business development and bidding.
Lead design team and responsible for project delivery
Carryout design work and provide technical support to clients
Autonomy to prove and build the capability.
Structural design of iconic buildings, liaising with builders, architects and clients
Design team lead
Engineering design, some project management, working with great supervisors
Civil engineering design work
It varies depending on the project you are involve
I am given very interesting design work. Of course there are some jobs that are mind-numbing and repetitive but I'm sure that you find that everywhere.
Lots of meaningful work with high responsibility
Given a great deal of responsibility from day one, including communications with clients
Assigned to a project, daily routine varies depending on stage of project.
Pricing and bidding on work, engineering design, project management. Great exposure to every different element of an engineering project.
Rotation of roles throughout the team, resulting in exposure to various tasks and responsibilities
Varies day-to-day, currently developing project front-end loading documentation, speaking with clients and contractors
Responsible for overseeing designs, involved in strategic thinking and business development
My day usually consists of writing environmental assessments using desktop investigations and technical reports undertaken by others, but can also include meetings with clients, site visits and project management.
The answer to this question may only reflect my current state of roles and responsibilities and may not reflect the overall expectation of the role this year. So far responsibilities have been pretty standard and not challenging as you find yourself willing to step up.
Managing client technical requirements under their contract between them and the builder of their major infrastructure project.