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Management at AECOM

8 rating for Management, based on 59 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Communication is generally good. For graduates there is access to mentoring. A well balance performance and reward system.
Outside the immediate groups directors, senior management is pretty removed from the client facing staff. Probably more hierarchical than necessary at a corporate level leading to the normal problems of politics between regions. Lots of Industry/Market/Technical/Group/Region/Client 'Directors' incorporated into the org structure that over complicates the relationships between clients and the client facing staff.
Internal communication is open, honest and regular. I am comfortable in contacting managers. My direct managers are great mentors, set high standards but enjoy their work.
Management is generally receptive to staff at all levels.
very accessible and approachable
As a new graduate, I do not yet have a lot of experience with this. However, I have so far found my managers to be very approachable and they have helped significantly with the transition between university and work.
every month, group managers hold a team brief, every week, my direct manager holds a resource meeting yearly performance review
Can't think of a single bad thing to say, it's all good!
Line managers keep team up to date with monthly meetings. Other managers do morning tea on Fridays to discuss goings on in the business.
Each team has a team leader who communicates with the larger group leaders and corporate above that. Each month the higher ups will hold a meeting for the larger groups to tell us about changes to the business etc. They make me feel like I am a valued part of the company, and always say that we can approach them to chat.
Managers and supervisors are accessible
Visible leadership team via different forms of communication (regional office visits, emails), performance feedback received well
Managers are very busy and hard to access
Team leaders are excellent and engage their team. Business leaders are often less interested in dealing directly with employees. Unfortunately, the business leaders have all the power when it comes to pay, conditions, and many of the opportunities.
Engage with leaders and managers on a regular basis. They are very approachable
I have been lucky enough to have a manager and a mentor that is always available to chat etc.
I feel in most cases that they are good mentors. More performance feedback would be good.
Varies on the person, but if you push carefully you can build a consistent rapport with some managers. They will not necessarily actively go to each person individually and interact with them. Squeaky wheel
Very accessible, very friendly and always approachable.
Team leader and associate director are fantastic, but that might just be the Melbourne GET team. They listen to you, take on feedback, and help you with anything you need. Nothing is too difficult for them, and they are just so approachable. Should be able to give more than 10.