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Salary at AECOM

7.1 rating for Salary, based on 59 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Doesn't pay as well as others
Don't know if there are bonuses but I hope one day. Pay is good, but industry fluctuates quickly so more often than not you are left behind the market.
Pay is reasonable. Decision to stay at AECOM the length of time I have has been driven by factors other than remuneration.
Slight increase in salary every year. Without bonuses. Given such a difficult market at the moment, this is understandable.
Took a significant pay cut to join AECOM due to minimal bonuses on offer compared to prior employers or alternative offers. Choose to prioritise time with kids over pay at this point in life.
I think that the pay is close to industry standard
Depends on individual circumstances. Pay for some positions could be higher than market average, but it could also be significantly lower.
bonuses scarce at the moment, but I feel that the pay is generous for a new grad
Very reasonable
Pay should reflect the effort the individual puts in regardless of their level.
Pay is pretty standard for graduates. Bonuses don't tend to happen.
A lot of improvements lately but still slightly below our competitors
No bonuses is a bummer, pay is slightly above industry average at the graduate level, unsure about growth.
Pay is good, did not get a pay rise at the usual time as I was not recruited in the normal graduate cycle which means I will be working for 17months before I get my first pay rise and performance appraisal.
Pay is good if you are good at negotiating it. OK if not. Sydney is an expensive place to live but I can afford to rent a nice apartment within walking distance of the CBD.
Great for entry level/graduate levels
Pay is adequate for a graduate engineer.
Pay could be more as well as bonuses
Graduate pay is good, probably above average for the industry. Professional level pay is below average, and the process by which annual pay increases are decided seems unclear and inconsistent. There is a perception that politics matters more than performance. There is a perception that the company is unwilling to increase pay even when the external market is doing well.
Challenging at the lower levels
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Surprises with good work eg. gift card, movie tickets & Etc.
great colleagues and relaxed work environment
Social club activities, discounted massages and gym memberships etc. Access to training, professional society memberships.
Event and membership expenses
Free fruit, biscuits and lollies. Scratch cards to win $100 for safety moments.
24/7 office hours.
Working with various suppliers, often get invitations to dinners/lunches, invites for coffee etc. Everyday rewards website gives discounts for cinema tickets, grocery shopping, electronics shops etc.
taxis for work related trips, morning teas, dinners, monthly BBQs, and more
Coffee machine, morning tea
Possibilities for secondments. an flexible hours
Very flexible work hours. Real espresso machines. Beautiful offices with open space, plants, group work areas, and big lunchrooms.
Can have random discounts of various corporate partners, such as a 5% Coles discount or Woolies.
Per diem while in the field is helpful
Free ticket competitions, money for making the workplace safe etc.
subsidies on gym, massages etc.
Travel opportunities.
Per diems for any travel, free fortnightly partner flights when I was working interstate for 6 months, overtime
I received moving allowance when I first started. Also you regularly get work/hire cars to drive during the week. Living away from home allowance when working away are reasonable.
Ability to 'purchase' 2 additional weeks annual leave and pay back the value of those 2 weeks pre-tax over any number of months of work (within 12 months). Discounted vouchers for major chains such as Myer, Woolworths, Coles, etc. Discounted health cover options, flu vaccinations and rebated gym membership. Pre-tax donations to charity.
On one difficult project our supervisor took us out for a lunch afterwards to celebrate our hard work. It was very nice. I once got sick at the office and the office sent a safety officer home to Wollongong with me in a taxi.