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Sustainability at AECOM

7.7 rating for Sustainability, based on 59 reviews
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Recycling / green waste, automatic lights and heating etc. Excellent end of trip facilities for active commuters.
Green space all around the office; herb garden; documents print only when sender authorises and collects at printer; eco-lighting; e-vehicles; Several more initiatives to list.
green office program supported well
Have made recycling paper and organic waste very accessible. Have taken steps to avoid contamination of paper recycling.
There are plenty of reminders to print less, consume less, etc. However, no real incentives to do so, and not much information (live or otherwise) about how much we are consuming.
AECOM has an initiative that is lead by the GO green team.
Lots of printouts asking us to consider if we really need to print.
There are various green initiatives, and they are advertised monthly. As an environmental consultant, they contribute more to sustainability externally than internally, because people are often too busy to keep it front of mind all the time.
We're attempting to go towards minimal paper.
There is a Green Office initiative whereby each office has a representative who encourages other people in the office to address key factors such as waste, recycling, power use and travel. We also have a number of green-star office spaces across Australia.
Encourages not to print when not required. Asks that we keep the blinds down on hot days to reduce air conditioner use, etc.
we have a green team who meet regularly to discuss new initiatives to improve the offices environmental impact