Training & Personal Development at AECOM

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

I have been fortunate to receive a lot of internal training, both as a Project Manager and previously as Team Leader. In our specialism we hold monthly technical video conferences for presenting and sharing. Internally within Building Services we hold regular brown bag lunch sessions on different topics.
Experienced, Brisbane
Really good internal training, recently completed project management course. Got to attend the full Consult Australia professional development seminar series a few years ago, and numerous external half-full day technical seminars.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Several to list over the years.
Experienced, Sydney
great graduate program
Graduate, Townsville
As a new grad, I have undertaken training to get to know the company, their values (particularly regarding safety) and the procedures they use. So far, this has been very straight forward. I know there will be future opportunities for further training and this is something I am looking forward to.
Graduate, Adelaide
AECOM university is an online platform for all learning
Graduate, Brisbane
Formal training is a bit much, I'm a firm believer of learning on the job
Graduate, Sydney
Have not started graduate programme yet, on the job training is very good
Graduate, Melbourne
I don't think that there are enough technical seminars but that is a problem that is currently being fixed. They have internal project management and safety training which I have found beneficial in identifying and reporting of hazards, and successfully running jobs.
Midlevel, Sydney
Specific training for certifications and on the job training
Graduate, Newcastle
Mainly online training programmes and slide shows
Graduate, Mackay
Lot's of training opportunities
Graduate, Melbourne
There is limited formal training. There is excellent informal technical training on the job. Most teams also have a semi-structured program of knowledge sharing, discussing lessons learned from current and past jobs.
Midlevel, Brisbane
Soft skills are Taught in the graduate program
Midlevel, Melbourne
GDP was postponed last year due to ePM rollout.
Graduate, Sydney
Regular safety training, both formal qualifications like a RIW card, and internal. A database of internal courses are available, but there is little opportunity to be able to sit down and do those, and it's hard to discern which have real value until you've done them.
Graduate, Sydney
Our online university encourages participation every quarter.
Graduate, Melbourne
Only just started so grad program is yet to take off.
Graduate, Melbourne
Little encouragement to get any additional training
Graduate, Melbourne
Have not started the graduate program yet
Graduate, Brisbane
Lots of safety training done internally as well as on the job technical training.
Graduate, Brisbane
I have been approved for most training courses I have requested.
Midlevel, Newcastle
The new AECOM University (available internally) has a number of training modules which leverage our international technical and project management experts to share knowledge and experience. I have not attended any external training because it has not yet been a requirement of my role. Mandatory training on safety, code of conduct and anti-corruption is delivered online and can be undertaken at a time suitable to employees. On the job training through working on projects is the most common form of training and I have enjoyed this, but it is restricted by the availability of senior stuff.
Midlevel, Rockhampton
3 year graduate training program - yet to start this
Graduate, Brisbane
Despite countless research papers which conclude that people learn better in interactive environments, training is often sterile and not well formulated.
Graduate, Sydney
Formal training is pretty typical OHS. Informal is very job specific
Graduate, Brisbane