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Office & Workplace at AECOM

8.8 rating for Workplace, based on 58 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Awesome new office, good desks, lunch rooms etc.
Great office and facilities. This was actually a key factor in me choosing a career here. End of trip bike facilities are great. Depending on the level of client interaction there is some flexibility around dress code.
Centre of the Sydney CBD, nice office, relatively informal vibe
We were recently on Level 45 at the 'Paris' end of Collins St and have recently moved to a brand new office building (which AECOM designed) in Docklands, near Southern Cross Station. We have a flexible workplace (lockers and hot desks). Dress code is business casual - shirt but no jacket or tie for men. There is casual Friday.
Excellent facilities. Dress code is smart casual typical with Friday as casual.
Always well dressed staff, CBD offices
Spacious office space. Employees are clustered with their team members. Great facilities. Relatively new facilities. Dress code - smart, business attire (black pants, shirts, business dresses etc)
Lots of plants in the building, natural lighting, very good facilities including a cycle centre. Dress code is usual engineering office wear.
One of the best in Sydney
Great reception, average work floor. Relaxed dress code, engineering company after all.
Collins Square, very nice office space. Open plan working arrangement over 3 floors. Dress code is generally smart with smart casual Fridays but is usually quite casual.
Excellent location right in the middle of Pitt St mall in Sydney CBD. Great kitchen facilities with espresso machines and fruit provided. Expected professional dress Monday to Thursday (trousers and business shirt), casual on Friday (jeans and polo).
Great location with onsite parking and good facilities. Dress code is smart casual/business or PPE.
Impressive facilities, clean, good space ratio, office locations spread regionally and in capital cities
Outstanding offices. Spacious, green, well designed by good architects. Generally in or near the CBD. Bike facilities and showers. Great kitchens, with good coffee machines especially in Brisbane. Dress code is business attire during the week (no suits), and business casual every Friday.
Business and casual
Office location is fantastic, dress code is formal
Casual Business Attire
Spacious, semi-hotdesking, with various green walls and clean facilities. Free fruit is available, as well as biscuits and general kitchen amenities. Dress code is formal business attire, so collared shirt, long pants, and business shoes. Not necessary to wear ties or suit up unless there's a prominent client/stakeholder meeting.
We recently have new offices that are easy to get to, convenient and modern.