Akuna Capital LLC

Akuna Capital is a proprietary trading firm located in Chicago, in the heart of the options trading industry. We offer exciting opportunities in divisions including: Trading, Development, and Quantitative Analysis.

Starting from small but determined beginnings, Akuna Capital proudly retains the spirit of an entrepreneurial start-up. We value a team-based approach to trading and software development and believe an effective integration of the two groups is vital to our success in this industry.

Founded by two Australians in the summer of 2011 with only five employees, we have grown significantly to become a leader in the trading industry, surpassing our initial expectations in every regard. While our headquarters are in Chicago, our connection to Australia can be felt everywhere; from our namesake of Akuna Bay, Sydney, to our relaxed but competitive culture, or even kicking a footy after the market closes, we have brought a piece of Australia with us to Chicago.

Join our team and you'll see your work making a difference in shaping Akuna as we continue to grow.

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