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Application Process & Interviews at ALDI

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Initially I had to meet an external recruiter and go through the screening process. I then attended an ALDI assessment centre with approximately 20 other candidates. As part of this process I was required to participate in both group activities as well as individual tasks - all of which required me to think on my feet. Following the group activities, we had a one on one interview with a Store Operations Director which was quick and challenging. Finally, I underwent a pre-employment medical and psychometric test, followed by an interview with the Managing Director.
Over a few months, I participated in phone interviews, video interviews, video responses, group interviews, medical, aptitude tests, and a final one-on-one interview.
The interview process is lengthy but for a good reason. There was a phone/Skype interview, a group interview, an individual interview, then finally an interview with a Director and Managing Director. This was in addition to psychometric testing and other pre-employment checks.
ALDI sets incredibly high standards for Area Managers. The interview process included the online application, a phone interview, a group interview, a one on one interview, a day out with an Area Manager and a final interview with the Managing Director. The application process also now includes aptitude and psychometric testing.
The interview process is very thorough. There is an online assessment, phone interview, Skype interview, group interview, team building exercise, individual interview, pre-employment medical, an interview with an Area Manager to approve suitability for the role, an aptitude test and another final individual interview with the Managing Director.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
A broad range of behavioural and situational based questions that covered both previous experience and my response and action to scenarios presented.
The interviewer will discuss the challenges you have faced, responsibilities held in previous roles, ambition within the business and scenarios to examine work ethic.
There will be competency based questions and questions regarding prior experience.
Questions may include previous work experience, industry knowledge, management/leadership techniques, examples of prior managerial responsibilities, a demonstrated capacity for resilience and a strong work ethic.
Numerous questions ranging from experience to behavioural based situations.
I was asked predominately about my management experience. When has there been a difficult situation at work? How have you responded? When have you given your all and failed?
Questions are focused around competencies and are both behavioural and situational in nature. Responses should be structured using the SMART method.
The group interview initially involved general questions, such as why do you want to work for ALDI. Then an activity to show leadership and team skills. There was a one on one interview, with more behavioural targeted questions.
There were questions in relation to situational change, such as dealing with strategic modification with an experienced Store Manager who has been in the business for fifteen years? There was also discussions relating to relocation.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Research the role and make sure it's what you want to do; its hard work but extremely rewarding.
Be confident and friendly. Do not be deterred by the process. It is a challenge but ALDI wants to ensure you are fully aware of the role and all that goes with it.
Think about what you can bring to the company and team. Be professional and only apply if you are willing to work hard and at times sacrifice some aspects of life outside work.
Communication and how you present yourself is very important. Clear, concise and confident responses. Do your research on the company and speak with an Area Manager before the interview process. Most importantly be humble in your approach.
ALDI looks for professionalism and leadership. Candidates should be well groomed and have attention to detail. During interviews candidates should demonstrate their leadership experience and skills. As well as this, candidates need to show their organisational skills and adaptability.
Prepare KPI management/improvement examples and instances where there has been development of both low and high performing staff. Do your research on ALDI's history and core business principles in order to ensure it is the type of work and company that suits you. Don't just be dazzled by the financial aspects - you have to love retail environments and be a genuine people person.
Be prepared. Arrive early and always wear a suit. Think about your management history and what you pride yourself on. What can you bring to the business? Make sure you do your research on ALDI. Know what the core values are and decide whether you can align yourself to these. Visit a store before attending any interview.
Preparation is key. Understanding the business, history and goals will put you in a good position. Furthermore understanding the role itself will provide an insight into what the business is looking for and providing confidence responses in how you can assist with this will be beneficial.
Learn about the history of ALDI, be prepared to work hard and be prepared to relocate. As long as you are up for a challenge and are able to proactively put plans into place to improve your area of work, you will be successful.
Dress in a corporate manner. Ensure your answers show good examples and highlight your experience. Using the SMART format is the most effective.