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Corporate Social Responsibility at Allens

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
The firm has a dedicated pro bono program and environmental consciousness program. Through the pro bono program I have done several sessions at the Homeless Persons Legal Services and follow up work for new clients through this service.
Reconciliation committee, pro bono work, supporting the arts, minimising environmental impact, first carbon neutral firm
I have done work with the homeless persons legal service as pro bono and there are also reconciliation and sustainability initiatives amongst many others.
The firm has a sustainability committee, which helps Allens achieve its sustainability commitments and objectives.
Allens has secondments to Indigenous communities which are available for all staff. Allens is committed to indigenous affairs and has provided a great deal of pro bono work for matters including indigenous recognition in the constitution, the Uluru statement from the heart etc. Allens is also carbon neutral and the sustainability committee is responsible for introducing firmwide activities or policies to reduce wastage etc. (eg. recycling coffee cups).
I think the firm does a lot in the enviro space (eg being carbon neutral, significant hours spent on pro bono work), but it's clearly difficult for the firm to go 'all out' with CSR given this would mean dropping many of our clients due to their business interests.
I understand that there are specific firm programs and initiatives directed to this.