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Culture at Allens

9.3 rating for Culture, based on 14 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
There is a genuine non-silo approach to working. People are willing to spend time to assist people with their work. There is no pressure to socialise with colleagues, but it is of course welcomed.
The culture is friendly, open and approachable. While there is a structure and hierarchy, this is generally relied on for flow of work. At social events, the technical hierarchy is not paramount (e.g. the managing partner attends run club with partners, associates and graduates!). There is significant emphasis on teamwork and supporting members of the team.
The culture is very supportive and you can really tell that Partners are interested in your growth and development
In litigation, there is a great culture. Everyone works as a team to achieve goals and make sure that no one is too overwhelmed.
Excellent. There is a great understanding of flexibility in work to accommodate work-life balance. The hierarchy is there but those higher up are very approachable. I have found colleagues to be professional and able to work well with whoever is in their time on particular matters.
Plenty of collaboration and teamwork, as well as socialising across all levels of staff. I really enjoy spending time with these people. Grads are treated with respect and partners are not stuffy or self-important.
The Partners at the firm are very down to earth and always there to assist. Teamwork is great, with everyone pitching in to meet deadlines and help each other. There are regular social activities in the firm and you are not pressured to attend if you have other commitments.
The corporate team has a good culture, people work hard but also play hard. With weekly drinks etc its good to get to know others in the team and let your hair down after intense work. Our graduate cohort is not what I would have expected from working at other firms. While there are some really great, fun and encouraging colleagues, others are a lot more focused on work or are not very fun or social.
I think that Allens has a fantastic, inclusive culture. There are plenty of committees and interest groups to join. The other graduates and I regularly go for a drink after work, play trivia, go to gym classes and go out for dinner.
Professional, yet very social
My team goes on a walk to get coffee every morning, which is encouraged by the partners. Every matter has a completely different team and so the bonding across the team is quite strong. Social events are encouraged regularly.
I would describe the culture as somewhere where you're encouraged to deliver excellent work, but you're able to ask questions and expected to learn along the way. There is a sense of hierarchy, but I'm happy to work within it because I see how competent the people in the positions above me are and I can respect their authority on the work. People are very much encouraged to work in teams and collaborate on tasks. Having said this, it varies from team to team, and some partners are easier to work for than others. After hours, people are happy to go for a drink and there is generally a great turn out at firm events (both drinking and non-drinking).
Generally relaxed and calm. People like to spend time with each other at work functions. People respect each other's time / personal lives.