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Salary at Allens

8.8 rating for Salary, based on 14 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Pay is good but it does not factor in any longer hours. Bonuses only available after graduate program.
We are paid at the top of the market and so I am content with the pay we receive. We are given frequent pay rises in the first 2 years but we do not receive bonuses at the graduate level.
They decided to review and increase our salary 6 months earlier than originally planned, which was fantastic. Grads do not get bonuses but our salary is strong for our level and on par with the top-tier Sydney market.
Standard market rate.
We are paid more than the market for other firms which is great.
I think that we are adequately remunerated.
Competitive with the market
We're on salaries until we're Associates (2 and a half years since starting), at which point we become eligible for bonuses if you exceed your required billable hours.
Not something I think about a lot at this stage in my career
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Dinner at work and taxis after 8pm.
We receive freshly cooked, nutritious and free dinners if we work past 7:30pm and taxis home if we work after 8pm. We have free gym membership, counselling and psychologist sessions, and access to nutritionists. I understand that moving expenses are available, although I have not required this.
Taxis home and dinner at the office
Free dinner if you work until 7:30pm and free taxis after 8pm. Plenty of discounts which really add up.
Free gym access, taxis and Uber eats after work hours, Allens Advantage which is an app offering 5-10% off purchases at most stores in Australia.
Free platinum fitness first membership!
Free dinners, taxis after 8pm, discounted tickets, gym membership
Free dinners after 7pm, free Uber home after 8pm, good weekly savings/ discount deal for various businesses
Free gym membership, reimbursement of sporting event participation, free dinner at 7:30pm, free taxi home after 8pm
Taxis home after 8pm, in-house kitchen cooks dinner Monday-Thursday, free gym membership, a budget for coffees with clients, flexible working (working from home is available to all levels of seniority at the firm).
IPhone with paid phone plan, American express to pay for taxis if working late, dinner at the office etc.