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Sustainability at Allens

9.2 rating for Sustainability, based on 13 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
The company has several initiatives in this area, including being the first carbon neutral firm in Australia. There are coffee cups recycle bins on every floor.
There is a lot happening in the space of environmental footprint, however, we could also try to be more paper friendly
We were the first carbon neutral firm in the city and have just reduced plastic use.
Sustainability committee are always doing things to help the environment
The firm has been certified as carbon neutral since 2014, and maintains an AEMS certified Environmental Management System. We are currently participating in plastic free July.
The firm is carbon neutral, there is an effort to recycle, the firm has bought a bee-hive, there are opportunities to learn more about sustainable energy developments as well as a heap of other initiatives.
There are initiatives around this I understand.