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AngloGold Ashanti Australia

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Favian Firdaus

4.30 AM

First snooze alarm goes off and it is time to wake up in the morning.  I start my day with a hot shower and get dressed ready for work.

5.00 AM

Time for breakfast and to pack my lunch. I need to be as efficient as possible since the work bus leaves early.

Office cafeteria

5.30 AM

Attending morning pre-start meeting with drillers and blast crew. The meeting discussed about changes for the past 24 hours, safety messages and work of the day.

5.40 AM

Early stretches in the morning. We do stretches in the morning to warm up ourselves and go over quick details about the morning task.

6.00 AM

Work starts now. We are at Boston Shaker Pit, one of the pits at Tropicana. There are a lot of activities here as the majority of the activities are happening around this pit. Today, there is blasting activity happening here. We need to make sure everything is properly set up before the blast.

7.00 AM

The shotfirer brings explosives to the ground and we are ready to load presplit holes around the wall. Pre-split holes are in a single row around the wall which are blasted before production holes. The purpose of this shot is to minimise the damage to the wall while achieving the wall design decided by the engineering team.

9.30 AM

It is time for 1st break. Perfect time for a second breakfast and catch up on news outside of the site.

Taking a break

10.00 AM

Ready to work again. We finished setting up for the blast today and have production holes to be loaded with explosives in another area. Blast crew team are working with Dyno Nobel to ensure the holes are properly filled and meet the design requirement. After we charged the holes, we stemmed the holes with small loose rock to provide confinement to explosives and avoid energy loss.

1.00 PM

Lunch time. The space is quite full now since the production team have the same break time as the blasting crew.

2.00 PM

Back to Boston Shaker pit again. This time, I am doing Quality Assurance on the next area which was drilled. I check if the holes are drilled at the correct depth so we can have flat ground after blast activities.

Drilling holes in the site

5.30 PM

Work is done for the day. Time to hand out paperwork and relax. Cannot wait to go back to camp and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Mining field

5.45 PM

I arrive at camp and decide to go for short run. There is a running track around the camp. I usually run until it is dark but since it is winter, I need to bring my flashlight.  I love the quiet time after a busy working day.

7.30 PM

Dinner time! Time to fuel up and catch up with people I work with.

8.30 PM

It is time to recharge, get my energy back and get ready for the next day.