Career Prospects at ANZ

Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.

Promotion should come relatively easily, up until a certain level
Entry level, Melbourne
lateral moves are very common and encouraged within ANZ
Graduate, Melbourne
You have to be good at your technical skills and also very good with people.
Experienced, Brisbane
Build your reputation and when there are opportunities, you need to go for it.
Entry level, Wellington
Plenty of opportunities to move around the Bank.
Entry level, Wellington
It depends on the business unit you are in. The business unit I am in jumps from junior to senior, there are no mid-levels to be promoted up incrementally. However, I know that this may not be the case in other business units.
Entry level, Auckland
Internal promotion opportunities are advertised and managers will let their teams know about opportunities for advancement. Many job roles also have suggested career pathways to assist staff to move up the ranks. New positions usually involve interviews as well as demonstration of required skills and competencies in your previous roles.
Graduate, Melbourne
If you are good and get noticed, people will vouch for you and promote you for positions. In 1.5 years I have moved 3 levels up
Midlevel, Melbourne
Lots of possibilities just have to have the drive to do it!
Graduate, Dubbo
I feel pretty neutral about this as i am not sure yet. I think initially it is easy however once you get to a certain level it is rather difficult to keep going
Graduate, Melbourne
Career progression is advocated by the business - opportunities vary between the business arrears
Graduate, Mlebourne
I think there are plenty of opportunities, but you would have to be proactive to go after what you want. If you sit back and expect that managers promote you when the time is right, it will rarely happen. If you take charge of where you want to go, there are vast choices.
Midlevel, Auckland
There are no promotion opportunities until you finish the grad program.
Graduate, Melbourne
Depends on the area. In branch I have found it relatively easy, not so much in head office from what I've seen.
Experienced, Melbourne