Corporate Social Responsibility at ANZ

What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?

We all take a day out of work to volunteer. There are other thing which the company has done.
Entry level, Wellington
Commitment to reduce travel thus reducing carbon emissions
Entry level, Wellington
sponsor many events, sports and organize fundraisers for many different charities
Graduate, Auckland
We're all given 1 volunteer day a year and I think it's not only great for the community but also a good team bonding exercise too.
Entry level, Auckland
There a lots of volunteering and fund raising initiatives, with every employee, getting at minimum one paid volunteer day each year. Another initiative is where you can donate any amount of your salary and ANZ will match dollar for dollar and distribute to local charities.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have worked personally on the Total Tax Contribution to the Corporate Sustainability Report. Amongst other initiatives, this covers all of the tax that ANZ either pays, or collects, which then goes into funding the government budget.
Graduate, Melbourne
Taken very seriously and considered with every single project
Midlevel, Melbourne
One volunteer day every year. Helped out with daffodil day having a fundraiser BBQ, helped out with Lions book club sale. Also in process of organising a team to enter Relay for life which is funded by ANZ.
Graduate, Hastings
Lots of great sponsorship. Fantastic staff foundation where staff contribute from their salaries and bank matches them dollar for dollar. Funding goes to deserving local charities. One paid day per year to do volunteer work.
Entry level, Auckland
ANZ gives back to the community via various sponsorships.
Midlevel, Auckland
It's reasonably, though probably not proportionate to what we earn.
Entry level, Auckland
Nothing as such but you always see stuff on the intranet about it. In all honesty it doesn't really interest me so I don't pay much attention, but I know they're good on that front
Experienced, Melbourne
The company is committed to the community and provides opportunities for all employees to volunteer for a day on any project.
Graduate, Christchurch
We do a lot of sponsorships for athletes and schools etc. However, I have not personally worked on anything thus far.
Graduate, Auckland