Culture at ANZ

Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.

Culture is particularly team specific. Personally, I've encountered teams to which I am an ideal fit.
Graduate, Melbourne
Given the company is so large, culture and socialising varies significantly between teams. My current team has a great culture, very entertaining at work and fun outside of work hours as well. In my current role there is a lot of collaboration and teamwork across different levels of seniority.
Entry level, Melbourne
lots of socialisation, great people, always there to help
Graduate, Melbourne
ANZ consistently promotes work/life balance. Although size of the organisation can sometime be daunting, fellow employees are always more than willing to help each other learn and are very supportive of Graduates or other new starters. With the right attitude and willingness to learn, you feel like you can achieve anything at ANZ
Graduate, Melbourne
Similar to many other big corporates, there are certain hierarchy at ANZ. However, people are very friendly and helpful. Senior bankers are offering mentoring to junior bankers and it's up to the junior bankers to actively seeking guidance and advice. There are social and team activities.
Experienced, Brisbane
ANZ has a great culture both inside and outside of the office. We have many initiatives and programs to promote diversity across gender, race, sexuality and disability. ANZ is the most accommodating place I have worked for with a hierarchical structure management treats all stuff with the utmost respect. Cooperation and teamwork are built in to ANZ DNA all teams work together with great synergy and everyone is happy to help. ANZ has many social events with regularly team drinks, lunches, dinners and even parties.
Graduate, Melbourne
My company generally has a positive, supportive culture. The company is broken up into different larger divisions, which are further separated into different businesses and teams. Teams can range from 2 - 20+ staff members. Managers are usually very supportive of staff development and finding opportunities for their direct reports to grow. Teams are quite diverse and collaborative, coming from a range of backgrounds and with varying years of experience working for the organisation. Teams may have a morning tea or dinner every few months or go out for drinks, but this varies considerably across the company.
Graduate, Melbourne
Everyone is welcoming and helpful. Co-operation and teamwork are the foundations of our day-to-day responsibilities. Socialising amongst colleagues is encouraged.
Graduate, Dunedin
Find support almost everywhere, graduates get responsibility early and access to senior management. Quite social both in the office and after hours.
Graduate, Sydney
Professional yet friendly and approachable in the office, very social outside of the office. Great team!
Graduate, Perth
The company is very social (especially the Graduate family). Depending on what sort of team you are in (dependant on their ages etc) there may or may not be a big "after work drinks" culture. My area at the moment has a very approachable, friendly leadership team who are always open to our suggestions and questions. Some team unfortunately work a lot later than others, also depending on what time of month/year it is. ( For example some teams work over weekends over Year End)
Graduate, Melbourne
Company has a flexible working culture, it's about the quality of your work and not how many hours you put in / when you work. My experience has been positive, with flat structures instead of hierarchy. Generally feels like everyone is pitching in to get the job done, with good attitudes.
Midlevel, Auckland
The office culture is really good, people greet each other in the morning and say hello to the broader team that I work within. The hours are good, I work closely with my line manager and the grads often socialise outside of work hours.
Graduate, Melbourne
Everyone is very welcoming, easy to get along with and always willing to help you. Staff Collaborate to make working practices and the business in general a better one.
Graduate, Hobart
The culture is very relaxed and fairly informal in the office, people are very friendly and all staff in the office are approachable regardless of their position. The social club provides opportunities for get togethers outside office hours, and although it is not required for staff to join, most do.
Graduate, Christchurch