Job Satisfaction at ANZ

Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.

As a graduate my day-to-day responsibilities differ. I have experienced roles as a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Data Analyst and a Developer over just the past 12 months.
Graduate, Melbourne
My role focuses on Retail deposits - we are responsible for setting interest rates for deposit products and the analysis that goes on to justify these changes
Entry level, Melbourne
I work on communicating different marketing messages such as product offerings and branding through media channels (TV, Radio, Press, Digital and Social) This involves not only working with internal stakeholders such as product, risk, legal etc. but also directly with creative and production agencies to deliver effective marketing campaigns.
Graduate, Melbourne
At the moment I work with the external reporting team. I produce different financial statements, board papers, rep letters, work with external auditors, FSR system, PSGL and every month I am the NZ Business contact for HFM related queries.
Graduate, Wellington
In my current role I assist senior management with a global program which impacts teams and divisions across our company. I encourage the roll out of our project and interact with stakeholders across different countries and geographies.
Graduate, Melbourne
The graduate program gives you more than just busy work, it gives you real work that is challenging and provides learning opportunity.
Graduate, Melbourne
My current role is very different compared to other finance areas. Being a global taxation function, we do not run to a specific month-end/year-end, but rather to relevant tax year ends (i.e. Income Year, FBT Year, GST Year, etc. I have been able to spread myself across many different areas of taxation to broaden my experiences across the function.
Graduate, Melbourne
My current rotation is as a Team Leader, so I have day-to-day people responsibilities that include general reporting, planning of work in/work out volumes, assisting with forecasting future volumes, people management - having 1 on 1 conversations with team members, discussing productivity results, managing leave, managing change, dealing with technology/system issues that arise, handling complaints and escalations
Graduate, Melbourne
I represent deposit and home loan products across the end to end value chain to ensure that any activities or projects occurring/planned align to our strategic objectives and keep the customer front of mind.
Midlevel, Melbourne
I work for a number of different managers and their sets of customers. No 2 days are the same, sometimes simple admin other days difficult credit applications and then everything in the middle.
Graduate, Dubbo
I have monthly tasks which are repetitive and throughout the month i have ad hoc tasks. As a graduate i am always developing in my role and am always getting greater responsibility. Predominately my month end tasks involves finalising the numbers and transferring all the relevant info for month end into a management pack for the leadership team.
Graduate, Melbourne
In strategy, my role revolves around stakeholder management, providing insights to the business, and thinking outside the box
Midlevel, Auckland
Great role. Some frustrations with hierarchy, technology failures. Day to day it is an interesting and challenging area to work in, which I love.
Entry level, Auckland
Support the implementation of releases for our Go Money channel, including the management of go-to-market activities and assisting with change management.
Entry level, Auckland
Rotating through different areas you find things that you're good at and areas you prefer and those that you don't. Currently I work on the financials for the business and am assisting in the upgrade of the teams systems to Win7.
Graduate, Melbourne
Currently on the graduate program - Rotations through various sectors of the bank, assisting the managers and attending visits/ shadowing there day-to-day roles. Have had the opportunity to work with different teams to get a taste of what their job entitles.
Graduate, Hamilton
When I'm busy, it�s excellent because I have a goal to work towards. However, work also varies between minor unimportant things to bigger responsibilities, which is nice to get.
Graduate, Auckland